About Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are an extremely versatile building material quickly replacing mud bricks in most new construction due to their vast number of advantages. Most metropolitan cities prefer concrete blocks, or breeze blocks as they are commonly referred to in western countries. These blocks are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications below a DPC (damp proof course) as an infill for beam and block flooring and above the ground for constructing both internal and external walls and offer excellent thermal, acoustic and load bearing qualities.

Concrete blocks offer high resistance to fire, sulphate attack and frost vapor penetration. They are also used in foundations, internal and external cavity walls, solid walls, party walls, partitions, multi-storey building and residential homes.

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Why blocks instead of bricks?

  • They require 50% less cement and lead to substantial savings in plastering/plant
  • They reduce labour requirements by atleast 25%
  • They are significantly more effective for damp proofing
  • They last longer and look better
  • They can be customized for unique requirements
  • Mud bricks use “top soil” which is essential for growing crops. By using mud bricks in Punjab we are adversely affecting the food basket of our Country